Ever found yourself bored and wanted to talk to someone, but not able to find the right person or subject? With UniSound, finding someone to talk in real-time is just a couple of clicks away. There is absolutely no registration required; you can simply key in your name and chat with someone across the globe. Check it out here

What it does

The idea of UniSound is to unite the sound of people. It currently supports Web Chatting up to 1 million synchronous connections. Each user will get a customized dashboard from the server. The server predicts the topics the user may like based on Google Trend, location and other factors. Of course, users can chat in real-time with anyone across the globe with our creatively designed UI.

How we built it

The front-end is built with html5, css3, JavaScript, Canvas & Jquery. The back-end is implemented various API & NodeJs. Socket.IO was used to ensure the smooth delivery of instant messaging. All chat history is stored in Google Firebase. We chose the 3-Tier Architecture to protect the integrity and ensure the project's performance.

Challenges we ran into

The project is built, polished and posted live in a short period of time. Suggesting relevant topics to user is no doubt the hardest part. We accomplished this by referring to user's IP address location, user's chat history, user's search history and bookmarks. With IBM's Watson Text Analysis API & Google Trend, we get the most relevant keyword that the user may like. It gives a fairly accurate prediction of the user's behaviour.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Used Socket.IO for live data stream
  • Implemented Google trend API, Google Map API & Getty Image API
  • Able to file transfer bug free
  • Enabled emoji!! (this is the most important one)
  • Awesome front-end design

What we learned

We have learned analysis an User's behavior from the search history, chat history, IP address & bookmarks using various API such as IBM Watson API & Google Trend. We have also learned that Trump just won the election from our recommended channel.

What's next for UniSound

For our next step, we would like to have a more elegant UX design, Our next goal is to implement a video streaming channel using web socket so that people may stream on the trending topics, or just their life. Of course, UniSound is not only limited to the web platform. With our strong backend SDK, we can deploy UniSound onany platform with the only platform specific UI.

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