Moving to a new country is a huge task on its own but when you have to do that as a post-secondary student as well presents some challenges. Within our group, we have either experienced this first hand or have heard from parents, aunts and uncles about this struggle. Applying to multiple universities in a different country requires a fair amount of effort and the costs add up. For those who are moving to a new country, worrying about money toward schooling is a toll on any individual. Our goal is to create a one website stop for new international students to upload their transcripts to get approved and sent to the universities they desire to enroll at. With this site, you can upload your transcript where it will also get approved, choose which universities you would like to apply to and hold all your records and files within your profile. Applying for multiple universities can get expensive when you have to get all you transcripts approved repeatedly but we had the idea to pay the transcript fee once and send it to all your applied universities. This allows the the least fortunate to save some money and still get the chance to receive quality education.

What it does

Taking inspiration from our own experiences, we wanted this website to feel like something we would’ve loved to used not just in terms of functionality but as a website. Our group had an idea to make this website as user friendly as we can and it all starts when you open the website and sign in or resgister. We designed our sign in and register page by setting up input boxes that the users can enter their information in. We setup these pages by taking inspiration from websites we use everyday. Uploading files can be difficult sometimes but to go with our theme with simplicity, we made a drag and drop box that lets the users drop their transcripts. That same page will also give the status of your transcript verification process as it will say “pending” or “verified.” Website navigation can be confusing but with our design, we wanted to ensure that you can get to the point you want with as little clicks as possible. The main purpose of our website is to allow student to upload their transcripts and our site will review and verify them while also sending them to the universities that they want to apply at. We didn’t want to limit the application process to just be from a different country but also coming from a different province. Just like countries, provinces may not recognize some transcripts so our goal was to make this website functional for any student that is moving within their country and away from their country.

How we built it

Our goal was to design and implement a website that has simple user interface which incorporates all the functions and features we would’ve like to used when we were new students to Canada. We wanted to make this website feel simple to use and not intimidating as the feelings of applying to a university can be tense so having a minimal colour scheme can make any user that comes across our website feel encouraged to apply. We use websites everyday and we don’t enjoy using website that runs in loops and lead to dead ends so we wanted to design ours so it comes across as simple and easy to use. Using multiple languages and platforms like Javascript, MUI, and fireframe, we were able to build our app using a collaborative effort using GIT

Challenges we ran into

Our challenges came from working as a group. This was our first time working together and we had a weekend to come together and figure out how we wanted to work on this project. With so many ideas and a time constraint, we had issues on deciding on what direction we wanted to take as we wanted to build something complex with a simple interface with a short period of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to make this project with such a short timeframe. We are also proud that we learned how to work as a group and figure out our direction. We found it important that we build something that corelates with our own experiences in our life and built something we would want to use.

What we learned

We learned a lot about working together but as individuals, some learned a new language, some learned a new style of developing but as a group, we learned how to choose a direction and build something personal to us.

What's next for UniCred

We plan to continue to devlop our app and we believe it is something that can be used one day. We know what our app lacks on as of now but without a time restriction, we can work on these problems and devlop our app to be even better and make it something special.

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