We all have or had at least one senior family member or we know someone who is lonely and isolated right now during the pandemic. We wanted to create a solution to help them be engaged and attached to the society.

What it does

Connecting older people with younger ones through questions and answers. Younger people can ask questions and older people answer them filled with their wisdom and experience. All of it happens in a simple way.

How we built it?

We did exhaustive user studies to first figure out what are the problems seniors have currently. We then researched on what percentage of these users have smartphones available. We concluded to build a very simple digital interface for seniors to interact with.


Actually we did not start coding from the start. It was very important for us to understand our users and to do as much research as possible. We spoke to mentors with different backgrounds like elderly home managers, psychologists. Some of us researched online, others spoke to elderly home shelters, grandparents, grandchildren. After intense brainstorming and analysing we came up with the solution.


The biggest challenge is that we could not do user testings with the seniors and also to figure out the easiest solution for the registration like a pictorial representation of users.

Next steps

We'd want to add social games (online Bingo, for example) for seniors to play with their known-ones. We'd also like to send notifications to seniors via SMS.

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