Want to learn new skills and share your passion while meeting people around you ?


We are constantly living in the middle of strong communities: other students at school or university, neighbours in our block, colleagues at work. Besides their jobs and duties, these people have passions and skills that they can share.

Technology can be used to empower people for a continuous lifelong learning. Ulearn socially brings together those who want to learn and those who have the skills.

What you should know about it

Not your average tutoring app: you are not trading knowledge with money here. You are trading knowledge with knowledge, passion with passion.

Want to learn the guitar ? Quickly look up for rock players leaving nearby, plan a meet up, enjoy learning new skills and discovering new people. Pay with points that you can earn while teaching others. Money does not matter, social connections do. Get the satisfaction to inspire new passions.

What the user doesn't want to know

Whether your cooking tutor is single or not. Just kidding. You will just ask when meeting.

Besides that, this is a nice Android app incorporating profile/bio writing, tutor browsing based on keywords, and direct chatting. Tinder-like layout (the comparison stops here). Based on Unity game engine, because learning is a game (why not ?).

Fun facts

  • We created this app to find someone who can teach us proper programming. Chicken and egg problem, right ?
  • Design/logo is custom, but we’re not designers
  • Mark Zuckerberg likes this (wanna teach him C++ ?)
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