Running out of beer unexpectedly

Lugging beer home from the store, Beer store is closed/far away, busy with your family and no one wants to do that Sunday football beer run, these are some of the factors that motivated us in creating UBEER. A decentralized beer delivery service that works with independent non commercial drivers to bring beers directly to the consumer 24/7.

What it does

UBEER allows anyone to be an independent beer distributor. With UBEER the current traditional delivery model is changed to one that is cost effective, and cuts overhead for every brewing company. From manpower, to freight costs, labor costs, to size of fleet, are some of the elements that are directly impacted with this application, allowing Brewers to take full advantage of their budgets and investing in what really matters BEER! Some of the extended benefits are: Increased market coverage and reach Increased distribution channels Estimated time of arrival (Product to consumer) Machine learning process for user profile Backend analytics and identity profile that allows us to understand the users interest and behavior Flexibility

The greatest thing is that this application can provide not only the beer we all want and need when we need it but it can also provide jobs, while helping craft brewers take full advantage of their limited budget and that is something to drink to! Cheers!

Challenges we ran into

Implementing Watson

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I actually works

What we learned

The beer industry needs disruption for the survival of the craft brewers.

What's next for U(Beer)

We hope to get funded and disrupt the beer industry like never before!

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