Twitch plays Pokemon was a phenomenon which rocked the internet, and many have tried to recreate it. But what if we could funnel all the commands through a localhost and interpret commands as key presses and releases, we can control an emulator through multiple API's!

What it does

Texting or calling the proper commands will interact with the localhost and enter key commands that interface with an emulator.

How I built it

Flask application gets post requests with commands, parses the corresponding JSON, and interprets the message as a command in applicable.

Challenges I ran into

The original emulator that was used for testing would not receive key inputs despite having successfully tested in a controlled environment. In an attempt to expand past Twilio, we wandered into the realm of Alexa, where a sequence of hour long conundrums lead the team back into Twilio's service with voice recognition.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ridding my terminal of error and warning text. Running a localhost server and using ngork to interact with a plethora of API's. Staying up wayy past my bedtime to fight Alexa.

What I learned

Flask, how cool Twilio is, the vital importance of teamwork, ngrok is dope, pip is your greatest friend -- as well as your greatest enemy, Alexa is a pain in the butt, and, sometimes it be like that.

What's next for Twilio Plays

Alexa, Google Home, Discord, Slack, and more will all ping the server in which all can play a game of choice.

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