The Problem

Twitter is suffering from content overload. The average user goes to Twitter to consume some of the endless content the community provides; but they can't find it. Surfacing content in the ever raging sea of Tweets is nigh on impossible, simply because there's too much stuff and none is organized.

Enter Feeder

Feeder lets you build custom feeds of tweets from all across Twitter from #hashtags, words, accounts, or any other way to describe a tweet, with fine-grained control over what does and doesn't show up in your feed. All through a simple interface that lets users see exactly what they're being fed at any time.

You could make a feed for your squad, and see what your friends are up to; sports lovers may build a feed of all their favorite team accounts and any tweet with the hashtag #GoGators; Photographers may be interested in a feed of only images with captions that mention nature or contain #art. The possibilities are endless with Feeder.

Why use Feeder?

Feeder takes the mosh pit that is your timeline and tames the beast, corralling cantankerous content into focused feeds that let you spend less time digging and more time enjoying your tweets. The amount of content on Twitter is vast and eclectic, and there is some really cool stuff most people don't even know is out there. Surface the content you care about with Feeder.

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