What it does

TwemeSong gets a submitted user's last 50 tweets, runs them through a sentiment analysis to determine how positive/energetic they are, and then displays a song recommended from those values. More energetic tweets result in more fast paced songs, and more positive tweets result in more positive songs!

How I built it

I built TwemeSong using C# with .Net, Twitter's API, Spotify's API, and Google Cloud's Natural Language Processing API.

Challenges I ran into

All of the different APIs had similar yet slightly different authorization methods which were difficult to understand, resulting in them being very tedious to implement. The final challenge that I haven't solved (yet, unless I have and forgot to remove this) was connecting my AWS Elastic Beanstock to my sweet domain.

What I learned

Although I'm very familiar with C# this was one of my first time's using .Net (and my first time using all of the above APIs) so I learned A LOT of how authorization works, how .Net functions, and some new CSS techniques.

Built With

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