Learn something new as this is quite different from what previous projects we have emcountered

What it does

User inputs a keyword and the algorithm tracks all new tweets containing the keyword, then it track all the @ and # in those tweets and produces a bar chart showing the most popular related references.​

Each tweet's polarity and subjectivity is calculated and plotted on a scatter graph and the average of the polarity and subjectivity is calculated to get a more accurate consensus of the attitude towards/involving the key word.​

Tweets of each extremes of polarity and subjectivity are also displayed

How we built it

We first jotted down ideas then we decomposed different tasks to each member of the group helping each other along the way then we combined are algorithms for a complete project

Challenges we ran into

Trying to find information on the library

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the project as a team

What we learned

More about the importance of communication especially between more than 2 people

What's next for TweeterAPI

Adding more functionallity like adding the number of retweets and likes to find the must popular tweet in the search

Built With

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