We are all new to web development and thought that this project would help us learn js and HTML. We also got the idea that all of us in the team has worked as tutors and we were wondering how we could incorporate that into a project. We found that one common problem with a personable tutoring experience is the time and scheduling. There are many times, especially while in college, we have wished that instead of frantically searching google and youtube for understandable explanations, that another person such as a tutor can help us.

What it does

This web application does not criticize last minute study habits and nightly panics over tests, rather it is here to help you and not worry. The main idea is that it allows users to request a tutor who is another student in the same college and for a tutor to accept tutoring requests at their convenience. The students and tutors meet up in an accepted campus location(right now limited to Queens College) and create a session. This gives tutors a great opportunity to make money in their free time.

How we built it

We used Javascript and HTML with some CSS to create web pages with bootstraps frameworks. For student and tutor data storage we used MySQL database integration with JavaScript to make everything possible.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest issue was setting up the MySQL database. We had minor issues such as linking the web pages together as well as styling as this was all of our first time doing any web development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For all of us, this is a first in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. A nice accomplishment was smoothing out the styling as well as integrating a google_maps API. Our biggest accomplishment was storing client data through our SQL server.

What we learned

CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. WebApplication creation, and Git.

What's next for TutorMeNow

Payment system possibility(Paypal sandbox API). Email and possible mobile text integration for notifications.

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