The inspiration behind the game was the old arcade classics of Asteroid, Space Invaders, and Missile Command. I wanted to revive the classic using the up and coming virtual reality technology, specifically Google Cardboard VR.

In the game, the player controls a laser turret by moving there head. By pressing a button on the side of the Google Cardboard, the turret fires a pulse of energy which will destroy an asteroid with enough hits.

The game was built using Unity, the Google VR SDK for Unity, and assets from Unity's Asset Store.

The biggest challenge was rendering readable text for the user as most virtual reality technology distorts an otherwise clear picture.

Although I could add more features, increase performance, and add a lot of spit and polish, this is the product of my first hackathon and is also the first game that I will be proud to say I created it.

First, I will expand the control to be compatible with a mouse and keyboard for PCs as it relies on a mobile device's gyroscope at the moment.

Right now the player is just practicing on asteroids, how will they face an armada of alien invaders? Perhaps more turret can be built and operated by other gunners.

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