What is the Inspiration ?

As a Bachelor, biggest problem in life is to find a regular healthy home-like food with the cheapest cost. Only one possible solution is to find some nearby tiffin service, but we can only find them if we got a person-to-person information offline. To make perfect matching to nearby tiffin service we created a webApp which will help you find the nearest tiffin services available. Also we would contribute something to empower micro-level businesses and scaling that micro-services to an impactful factor to empower India's economy.

What it does ?

We have made an WebApplication to improve the communication gap between tiffin service and customers. In Tservice customers can find nearby tiffin services with an rating system where they can make a monthly subscription to different Tiffin services.

How we built it ?

We researched if any similar kind of platform exists in the market already or not. And we couldn't find any existing platform solving this problem, so we designed our own new type of process flow from build customer as well as Service Provider panel where customer can buy fixed lunch, dinner from different tiffin services and schedule his/her service on a subscription.

Challenges we ran into while Implementing ?

We faced a lot of challenges while implementation. Firstly, we had some issues while playing with the css in the frontend. After that we faced a problem in authorisation of the service provider and the customer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of ?

We successfully participated in our first ever hackathon and we tried our 100% and enjoyed the process of learning. We explored many tech products from our sponsers like storyblok, Zeeve, Apyhub, Postman, etc. Also first time in our life we haven't slept all night as we were enjoying the hacking phase, that's also a small achievement.

What we learned ?

We learned teamwork, collaboration with other Hackers, and how to manage work in less time.

What's next for Tservice ?

We are planing to complete add features like user rating, payment gateway, and host in a proper way so that we can make this webApp release in public. We will connect few nearby tiffin service to shift to online platform like us and increase their clients and help the ones in need.

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