Truthly is an app that accelerates the way we learn and improve our personality by getting honest and instant feedback from people we trust.

Indeed, feedback is SO critical to our growth and success, but we really don't know how to ask for it, and how to receive it without getting our feelings hurt. Why? Because there is no platform were asking feedback on personal level is encouraged!

To solve this problem we’ve created Truthly - an app where people from your address book, Facebook and just anyone who actually knows you are encouraged to give you feedback. The important thing is that they can do that without any fear because all feedback is anonymous. You’ll never find out who gave you the feedback. That ensures honesty.

We've measured statistically that 92% of all feedback in Truthly is constructive. We've tested Truthly in different countries and, for example, in Russia, we got 2 000 new users in two days and it's started from one share to the Facebook (a man asked feedback). We had smaller explosions also in Italy, Germany, Georgia and other countries.

Truthly is not for everyone, we believe that Truthly is an essential tool for all successful people and people seeking a personal growth.

We’ve started from MVP (website, we’ve done beta testing and now we are going to launch our mobile app.

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