Job-searching has never been easy. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, employment has become even more difficult, especially for those just entering the job market. With little experience, where can these graduates find appropriate entry-level jobs?

What it does

There are many websites that job-seekers can visit to apply for jobs, but few build a community like we aim to do. We hope that fresh grads or any others seeking entry-level jobs can connect with each other and accompany each other on their career journeys.

With carefully moderated forums, we ensure that all posts and comments are of a friendly and supportive nature. This all goes to further developing a warm, caring community where job seekers can turn to for advice and friendship.

Our weekly blog features user success stories, inspiring other users to never give up in their job search. We also work to connect to those who have successfully gotten jobs with those still searching.

In our resources page, you can find links to other job sites and postings that you may find useful, and that have been proven to be useful for our users. We welcome contributions from users as well.

Challenges and Accomplishments

We built the back-end using Node.js, a first time for us. We initially attempted to create a front-end version using React but struggled to implement it as it was our first time using the language. and the front-end with HTML/CSS, only our second time using these languages. If we had more time and knowledge, we would integrate the front-end and back-end in order to create a working and responsive website.

Although we attempted new things with new languages and met many challenges along the way, we were still able to pull something together, and we continued to be supportive of each other during the process. It is this sense of teamwork and mutual support that we hope to pass on to our website users.

What's next for True Networking

We hope to create a place that job-seekers can call home, and where they will inspire and guide each other. Try out the prototype here:

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