The other day, our friend rushed to us and said "hey!! eat more onions, you won't get corona!!" I stared at her in disbelief, only to find out that she read this on Facebook. We did our own research, and much like we expected, there was no direct correlation. That's when it occurred to us - why can't we have technology do this job for us, in an easy, simple way?

What it does

The Tru2You chatbot focuses on scanning the Internet for keywords that are in the articles you are trying to check credibility for. It also scans through comments, reviews, and ratings. Based on the AI database, and from prior datasets that we fed it, it decides whether you should believe a site or not, i.e., if it is credible or not. It is a simple messenger bot that you simply have to message, and within 2 minutes, you have your answer!

How we built it

We tested it using the Facebook Messenger API, and trained the dataset on We fed the system certain keywords under a specific intent, for example, false, true, factual, fake, real, etc, upon detecting which the system understands the user's intention. Once this is done, the user sends a link in, and the backend conducts an Internet wide search on the link, identifying sources through keywords. Based on the previous datasets and its results, it determines whether an article is credible or not.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time working with, so it was very tough for us to figure out at first. Moreover, we did not interact with the Facebook Messenger API, so it took us quite some time to configure both together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to figure out the demo video, make it interesting, and create a product that both we and our friends can use. We are also proud that we worked extremely hard for the last 3 weeks to make this project happen to the best of our ability!

What we learned

We learnt so much about AI, and just about how a simple movement can actually transpire into making the world more educated.

What's next for Tru2You

We hope to launch Tru2You on Whatsapp!

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