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In the past, whenever you sent crypto to another person, you needed their wallet address, which consists of a long string of letters and numbers. Today, all you need is a domain name, making it easier than ever to send and receive cryptocurrencies. It’s security, privacy and safety.


Tron domains are not rented, after buying a Tron domain, it is yours forever, no one can request any renewal fees from you. Domains can be stored in your wallet, like cryptocurrency and only you can control it.


A crypto wallet address is made up of a series of random numbers and letters like THtbMw6byXuiFhsRv1o1BQRtzvube9X1jx, that makes transfering cryptocurrency from one wallet to another more difficult. With a Tron domain, it becomes much easier when your friends can send you money to your domain address rather than copying lots of random numbers and letters.


Tron domains are not centralized, after purchasing them, they are yours for life and you can also control it fully without third parties dictating rules to you.


Great Features

Your NFT Avatar

You can set your own picture as your NFT Avatar easily.

Public Profile

Public visible profile information such as your website, social media links.

Unlimited Subdomains

You can create unlimited subdomains for your company members easily.

NFT Gallery

Your NFT collections can be displayed and organized many ready-made functions.


SDK integrates with third-party platforms like wallets, dapps, defi, etc.

Custom Data

Store a variety of custom data records that can be expanded later.

Many Top Level Domain

Manage multiple TLDs on one smart contract, it helps to expand NFT domains later.

Transfer Tron domains

Transfer Tron domains between domains or addresses easily.



  • Launch website & twitter
  • Launch testnet program
  • Launch pre-sale & public sale
  • Features: set nft avatar, social links & transfer domains
  • List domain on nft makerplace
  • Build sdk & api for third-party
  • Launch profile page
  • Launch nft gallery
  • Launch subdomain
  • Domain integration campaign
  • Update smart contract V2
  • Launch landing builder tool
  • Launch referral program
  • Launch extension: Chrome & Firefox
  • Launch DAO's governance
  • Open poll & forum for community
  • $trxd token airdrop for holder
  • $trxd staking & farming
  • List $trxd on CEX exchange
  • Buyback & burn $trxd
  • Update smart contract V3: blog & shop online

Key of Tron domains

  1. Have you own Tron domains
  2. Partner with Tron & grow together
  3. Support emoji in domains: 🌗⭐️🌞.trx
  4. Cheap price: 10$/domains
  5. No Gas Fee, Fast Speed
  6. No best domains reserved
  7. Many add-ons attached
  8. Many support TLDs: .trx, .tron, .usdd ...


Q: What is blockchain domain?

A: A blockchain domain is an on the blockchain. Blockchain domains are designed to resolve your web address and wallet using smart contracts. This is a useful step in your crypto journey.

Q: Can I transfer my blockchain domains?

A: Yes. tron domains are build on TRC721 (NFT), you can transfer it using an TRC721 enabled wallet.

Q: Does tron domain blockchain domains compatible with ICANN traditional domains?

A: No. tron domains are built using blockchain technology, It can help you to launch distributed web which traditional domains cannot do.

Q: How to connect TronLink wallet?

A: Connect TronLink: Coming Soon

Q: How much does it cost to register?

A: Currently, subscription costs are set at the following rate: 5 characters or more 4 characters 3 characters 2 characters The characters 2 and 3 and 4 are priced as 'premium' to reflect the small number of these names available.



  1. Mr. Herry Vu - Co-Founder & CEO & Blockchain Engineer: Over 15 year of experience in management roles for major IT project such as ERP, or Business Portal, an expert in Information System and Database. He is also an expert in Blockchain and a consultant for many startups.

  2. Ms. Kyra Nguyen - Co-Founder & Partnership: Over 5 years of experience in managing communities and partnerships for many large enterprises.

  3. Mr. Luong - BA & Product Owner: Mr Luong is a tech executive living in Singapore. An impassioned technologist and blockchain expert, an overview of Luong’s life and career details an enduring love of emerging technology, and a robust skill set for driving growth and innovation in all his professional pursuits. Previous to his present role, Luong had founded and advised various companies in Singapore & the US in the blockchain, e-commerce, and sharing economy startups. This is Luong’s mission today, and what he will be hard at work at tomorrow and ever after.

  4. Mr. Tony Tran - dApp & Blockchain Development: Over 5 years of experience in implementing major website projects, in various sectors such as real estate, e-commerce, ... He is currently developing website & dapp for many domestic and foreign organizations.

  5. Mr. Ryker Tran - dApp & Blockchain: He is a software engineer, and a designer of Blockchain system. He is the main responsibility for the development of Ethereum Blockchain platform and related apps such as exchange, lending, etc..

  6. Mr. Trieu Vo - Community: Trieu Vo has nearly 10 years of experience working in video marketing, especially digital advertising and blockchain. Constantly learning in the blockchain field through the ICO period, IDO IPO to coin meme trends, play to earn and to move to earn. I've been involved in building marketing teams for many blockchain projects.

  7. Other: There are 5 other people working part time (online): Developer, Designer...

Thank you!

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posted an update

Great! on the proposal with the tron ​​domain of "ERP = e-Plus : Decentralize The Business"

1: Each company and/or end customer that signs up for the LinknRed MarketPlace and requires cryptocurrency payment services (send and receive cryptocurrencies to buy or sell products and services)

2: Companies that enable the option to send or receive cryptocurrencies through digital wallets through on the ERP: e-Plus modules of:

a) Accounts Payable

b) Accounts Receivable

Then we could propose to our contacts the option that they contract a .TRX domain 1 with you and thus they can identify the accounts and facilitate their identification.

I believe that we can create synergy and team collaboration where we support each other.

Do you think that proposal will work?

Do you have any other proposal?

Feel free to comment!!!

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