Inspiration: We started out wanting to create a space shooter that would help people and students learn how to create sentences using proper grammar. Our first language of interest was English, then we found out conjugation would be an issue...then we tried French...then Spanish....then German....even Hindi....and found for the time being it would be too difficult. We decided on creating an educational trivia game.

What it does: Move your spaceship in a galaxy far away. Shoot at incoming enemies...enjoy your trip.

How I built it: We used HTML5, CSS, and Javascript to create the interface and logic to make our game feel like a game.

Challenges I ran into: The evil blue bar put our project on a halt...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Creating a canvas with a movable, shooting character. Thinking up an idea both fun and up our alley in terms of plausibility.

What I learned: HTML canvases can be quite finicky and tricky, but we liked where we ended up with this project.

What's next for Trivia Can Kill: Trying to eliminate the cursed blue bars...

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