Have you ever been away from home but miss your cat? If you have ever wanted to give your cat some treats while you're away from home, now you can!

What it does

Treat Yo Cat is an app and a device that lets you give your cat treats with the click of a button while you're away.

How we built it

The device works with a servo powered by an Arduino that pulls a card out of a 3D printed dispenser. You put cat treats in the dispenser and then you're good to go! When you click the button, the servo will move the card out of the way and let some treats fall out into the cat's bowl.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time figuring out how to have the PHP server communicate with the Arduino.

What's next for Treat Yo Cat

We hope to add the ability to detect motion in front of the device and send a picture to the user so that you can see your cat eating the treats from far away.

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