• Do you like traveling?
  • Do you have any idea where to go?
  • Do you always struggle with making a satisfied travel plan?
  • Do you worry about that your budget may not be enough for a happy travel?

We are going to build a web application to help you solve all of these travel problems!

What it does

With our web application, you can simply enter

  • origin city name
  • your budget
  • preferred travel time

We will give you three potential destinations, each of which has three travel plans with best choices of flights and hotels. Also, we provide you top 10 spots to view and their introductions in each destination !

How we built it

  • frontend -- Neat and User Friendly

    • employ the CSS framewrok - bootstrap to build user-friendly web page.
    • develop responsive design to make our app compatible with different devises (i.e. different phones and computers)
  • backend -- APIs and recommendation

    • deploy our system on Apache server
    • use Amadeus API to supply travelling information including flights, hotels and spots to view.
    • develop our own recommendation algorithm with useful feature extraction, data labeling and XGBoost traning.
  • communication between frontend and backend

    • use json objects to communicate between frontend and backend
    • develop angularJS for frontend logic

Challenges we ran into

  • Learn and combine different travelling APIs for our backend build
  • Design recommendation algorithm, data preprocessing, model learning
  • Make animations and response design for our frontend build

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Manage to support more than 100 big cities around the world!
  • Use machine learning techniques to make recommendation system more reliable
  • Build a such interesting application within 30 hours!

What we learned

  • Interesting APIs and technology! For example, we learned how to Amadeus APIs, Bootstraps, AngularJS and XGBoost.
  • Teamwork! Building a cool real-world applcaition within a very short period is really tiring but exciting.

What's next for TravelEasy

  • More travel information. With the better support from Amadeus APIs and other APIs, we can add more travel information in our application (e.g. weather in desternations).
  • Social circle. We have implemented Facebook login API. In the future, users may share their travel plans in Facebook, or even make friends with fellow traveler in our applications.
  • Personalize recommendation. With the information provided by users, we can make our recommendation system much better.
  • Soooo many interesting things we can do for TravelEasy !

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