The point of this app is to take care fo a little avatar of your own and the only way to do that is to take care of yourself.

Travel Buddy is a character which gets buffs from activities such as:

  • Being Active
  • Eating Right
  • Eating Meals on time

Travel Buddy can also get debuffs from actions like:

  • Not walking enough
  • Forgetting to Eat
  • Eating unhealthy foods
The apps purpose is to make being healthy fun which would make it easy for all sorts of people to get into. Your body is your temple and needs to be constantly taken care of, howevere there are some people who neglect this and this can lead to serious health problems. This app is to help those people get into the whole fitness craze without making difficult for them.



  • Get Character to track user steps
  • Created Leveling system so user feels rewarded for work
  • Implemented Bar Code Scanner for people to scan their food to give to character
  • Created system for avatar to get hungry and lose health when starving
  • Character if go to zero health are reverted back to their base state at level 0
  • Hooked it up to nutrition dtaabase for info on foods scanned ### Goals:
  • Working on algo for nutrition impact on stats
  • PvP Battling
  • Getting Actual Avatar Assets
  • Accounting for sleep patterns
  • Player can find loot/bonuses from walking around their area

As of now, We both would love to follow through with finishing the project we started and hopefully release on app store. Thank you for taking interest in our program

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