Inspiration -

Ever felt Anxiety on the last day of vacation, that you might miss your valuables in the hotel, before returning back to home? Or Do you still use a notepad for jotting down all your expenses on a trip? These situations are more common than you think, and I was inspired to ease the situation using a mobile app.

What it does -

It allows users to jot down the expenses that occurred during their trip. It also provides an option to add the bill after splitting the bill by no of people. Not only that, It also helps users to make a list of all the items that they packed before going on vacation, so that they can be sure to take their belongings back with them from vacation.

How I built it -

During the course of the hackathon, I worked extensively on making the APIs as well as the mobile app together. I built the API using Flask(Python) and the mobile app using Flutter. I used CockroachDB as the database.

Challenges I ran into -

Implementing this project has been very challenging for me, since I had to work together on the API and the mobile app and I had to implement both in 2 days. So I found managing time and switching continuously between the Flask code and Flutter code very challenging.

Accomplishments that I am proud of -

I am proud of the project I have implemented. Working side by side on mobile app and api has made me a better developer.

What I learned -

I have learnt about CockroachDB as well as further increased my Flutter Knowledge.

What's next for Travel Companion -

There are plenty of things that can be improved and added to the project. So I'll definitely look into it after the hackathon.

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