Covid-19 is thought of as the "unseeable" killer. Even with the massive amount of testing occurring in our nation, there is no real way to track who is infected, or where they go. I decided to make an app that would change that, giving us more knowledge that will reduce the rate of infections.

What it does

The app is 100% anonymous. All they have to do is allow their location to be used, turn on notification, and keep their Covid-19 status updated. There are 4 categories in status to choose from:

  • white = Tested negative within the past 2 weeks.
  • yellow = Waiting on test results
  • gray = Has not been tested recently
  • red = Tested positive Each user will have their respective color showing up on the map. So when going into a public area, it becomes easy and efficient to check for potential hidden threats. While doing all this, it reminds the user about the risks of covid, ways to reduce the chance of being infected, and nearby testing facilities.

How I built it

I built it using Android Studio in the language Flutter. First I designed the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, and from there made different pages for each section. Then I wrote the "information page" and "safety guidelines" pages since they were both just text. Then I went on implementing the "My Status" page, where I had to implement a dropdown choice bar and make sure the choice chosen was saved. From there I implemented the "Testing Sites" page which required the use of the current status of the user and implementing URLs into the page. Lastly was the Map where I had to import an image representing how the final project should look when completed.

Challenges I ran into

To start off, this was my first hackathon, I was a team of 1, I never used Android Studio or coded in Flutter. Major roadblocks I ran into that took hours for me to resolve:

  • Making sure each page in the navbar was separate.
  • Making the dropdown bar remember the choice that was chosen.
  • Implementing URLs.
  • Inserting the map without having the application crash.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished a Hackathon, developed an application for the first time, and make it a successful beta model within 16 hours without knowing the language at the beginning.

What I learned

How to develop apps, what a Hackathon is about, and Flutter.

What's next for Tracking Together

I need to implement the map portion and have a server that keeps track of all user's locations and status alerting people who are in the vicinity of those who have been tested positive. After that is complete I will work on advertising, since this will need a majority of people involved to keep each other safe.

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