We originally started with envisioning how to track users at a large event, such as a hackathon or developer conference. We had the idea to create a small Android widget that could be packaged as part of an event app - such as a theoretical YHack 2014 Android app - that would occasionally scan for other Bluetooth devices, as well as iBeacons. An Android phone or iBeacon would represent one person.Then, we would have small and simple trackers - originally we wanted Intel Galileo boards with Bluetooth LE breakout boards attached over SPI - placed over the venue, which would feed data to a central web server that would have a simple front-end for viewing. One could place trackers near doorways to measure flow of people, or near lines to measure queue length, and attain a live distribution of the people at the event!

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth LE breakout board doesn't function properly as a master device, so we pivoted to using a second Android app to look for other Bluetooth devices. Having never done web development before, our MEAN stack is partly finished - we have a working API and MongoDB storage, and a separate front-end, but no integration yet between them.

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