To-Do Gear

To-Do Gear is a to-do and task list app designed for Gear 2 and Gear S. Create to-dos on your Samsung Android phone and have them synced immediately to your Gear smartwatch. You can view and mark complete to-dos from your watch and these changes will be immediately reflected back to your phone.


  • Simple, clean, easy to use interface

  • Designed exclusively for Gear 2 and Gear S

  • Automatically syncs both ways between Samsung smartphone and Gear smart watch


Version 2.0, submitted 30 Sept 2014

  • New ! Sync both ways with Google Tasks, or create to-dos locally if you are not a Google Tasks user
  • Multiple to-do lists
  • Color coding of late and overdue to-dos

Version 1.1, passed certification 25 Sept

  • Now you can edit to-dos on Android
  • Added due dates and priorities
  • Sorting by due date and priority
  • Fixed bug where if Android app was not running in the foreground data would not sync correctly
  • Completed to-dos now sort to bottom of the list
  • Added button to Gear app to force refresh
  • Tested on 320x480 resolution for Gear S
  • Better app icon
  • Minor tweaks and other bug fixes

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