Helping reduce food waste from seeing all the videos at the opening ceremony. We need to reduce our waste because it is too abundant and there isn't enough space to dispose of it.

What it does

Our Arduino based trash bin can receive waste at the top hole, then the substance is stopped by a tilted platform, then a sensor detects if there is a substance there. Then there are probes that detect the resistance of the object in order to tell if the object is a food item or a noon food item. If it is a food item, the left gate will open and the food will fall down into its section. If its a non food item, the right gate will open and the object will be released into its compartment of the trash bin.

How we built it

Our substance detecting trash bin was built using Arduinos, an ultra sonic sensor, needles to probe the substance, and tons of card board to build the trash bin itself.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the main challenges we ran into were the sensors not going in the right direction. It was hard to establish an initial position for the motors, no working voltmeters were available, so we weren't sure about our voltages and currents. We were limited in supplies, so we had to come up with alternatives for the gates because all the materials we had were too heavy to use and cause the gate to not be leveled.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to combine all of our ideas and skill to come up with this project. All of us do not have much experience with Arduino, so we were proud of the fact that we were even able to get most of the trash bin working and even got to assemble it. Also we were able to work well together.

What we learned

This being our first hackathon, we were able learn more about Arduinos in general as well as motors. We worked with servo, dc and stepper motors. Which is something we had never done before.

What's next for To Be Trash Or Not To Be Trash

Our goal for our trash bin is to be able to implement a metal detector, determine what sensors and motors are bet for operating the gates of the bin. We want to develop one for heavier waste because at the moment it cannot resist that much weight.

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