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Hackathons are a meeting of great minds, but it's a waste of potential when a hacker is struggling with a problem, unable to access mentors at the event who could quickly resolve the issue. And that's the thing - at many hackathons there are a multitude of mentors wandering around, talking to groups who don't need the help while other groups struggle with issues they could help with.

What it does

Our website aims to tackle this problem by providing hackers with a system through which they can request mentors. Not only will hackers have greater access to mentors, but mentors can better utilize their time and put their hard earned experience to work.

How we built it

We build this project in Node.js, using express as our middleware. Our front end is written using the template engine Pug(formerly known as Jade).

Challenges we ran into

We're relative newcomers to Node.js, apart from a small handful of projects we have had little experience with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our front end is considerably better than other projects we've done, and because we hope to deploy this in production the code has been written in a clean and maintainable fashion.

What we learned

We continue to learn about web development, especially front end, routing, and deploying to a server. This was a great exercise for us in building something while considering use cases and how we can best help the user.

What's next for tIQit

Continue to flesh out functionality for a hopeful deployment at RevUC! We definitely want to do something to make mentors aware of created tickets without having them have to watch the site. We might force a page refresh on the view-all page to update as changes occur.

Why we signed up for the best domain name

We've been to a number of MLH hackathons and have all used our free domain name, so we used one we previously recieved -

Why you should check out RevolutionUC

We're a hackathon in Cincinnati on April 8th and 9th! Sign up now while there's still room!

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