Taking full advantage of Titanium Mobile's features, in a couple of weeks we created this cross-platform News App that looks perfect on your iPhone and Android phones.

Tininews is a beautiful news Application to keep yourself updated of all news YOUR WAY--giving you more of what you care about, and less of what you don’t.


  1. Cross-platform: Runs on iPhone and Android phones. That's right, even on the Nexus 7 tablet.

  2. Clear interface, easy navigation
    ('Path'-like sliding windows).

  3. Supports both Landscape and Portrait modes.

  4. Customization: Personalize your news to meet your needs Just edit the categories that you want to appear and the order in which you want news videos to be played. And follow only the topics that matter to you.

  5. Breaking news alerts: Breaking news alerts are sent using push notifications. These alerts help you stay on top of the day's most important headlines.

  6. News videos: Perfect for those of your who prefer news videos over long articles.

  7. Video Auto-play mode: Got your hands full? Turn on 'auto-play' and news videos will be played according to your preferences. You can now watch videos while driving your car to work, keeping your hands on the steering wheel, not on your phone.

  8. Blast: Spotted your favorite celebrity? Got an interesting news to share with us? Just take a photo or choose one from your camera roll and send us a tip. Your tip might just be tomorrow's headline news.

  9. Easy Sharing: Share interesting news stories with friends via Facebook.

  10. Sorting filters: Sort your news by "newest" , "hottest", "random".

  11. Invite friends: Like this App? There's a function to share the App with your friends via Facebook, Email, and Text messaging.

Even if you're not a news junkie, this is a great App to keep up with what's going on in the world. No matter where you are.

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