Find yourself having to constantly check multiple sites over and over just to stay on top of the latest Sooner Football news?

Always finding yourself wondering who The Sooners play next week, or what the latest conference standings are while you are at the store, on a date or in the bathroom?

Well, no more! TheSoonerApp for iPhone and Android has got you covered in most of those situations! You can now get all the latest Sooner Football news, schedule info and standings, right from your phone!

But wait, there's more! Get all the latest Twitter updates from Sooners players and OU beat writers! Log in with your Twitter account to share your thoughts on the game or upload pics from the tailgate. You can even troll your least favorite writer, all from the same app!

Don't forget to use the built in hashtag feature (iPhone only) when posting. No more hunting around for that pesky # key.


Since the above text pretty much describes me exactly, it is pretty easy to see that I wrote the app with myself in mind. If others also find it useful, then cool!


-- Titanium and Titanium Studio, natch. The code is modeled after the Titans Community App, so I have the iPhone and Android build in the same code base.

-- JSONDB module from the Marketplace for local storage

-- Testflight module

-- Admob module

-- 'Tweetie like pull to refresh' code

-- Twitter.js and jsOauth libraries


It would be interesting to set up some functionality to allow comments on the news items, plus additional social integration via ACS. Also, Twitter posting isn't fully implemented on Android, so it would be nice to get that up to the level of the iPhone app. We'll see if there is enough interest.




Adam Paxton

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