This is a project about IOT for health monitoring Companion App. The goal is to simply monitor body temperature that reflect health base on expert advises. The idealization is to create smart system using low cost IOT devices to achieve the goal which reminds user of their healthy status.

The system is created using Intel Edison board which act as a temperature sensor, using XDK environment to extract sensor data and send http request to server, whereas a companion android app linked to these smart devices for user interfaces and social functions. The back-end server are composed of Mysql database that store user history and php script that act as data end-point. Using html, we create our own website and control panel for display result which enable users an insightful way to foresee their health. A heat map was able to create a direct visualization in the extract data, using javascript and matlab. The sensor network schema was also available in this case.

With our companion app and an solution to health monitoring, the concept isn't just as simple as it is. The potential of new smart system as well as life changing solution is created. And we are proud to announce at HackGSU 2016

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