Imagine that you are the mother or father of your first daughter. You feel so blessed that your daughter survived the 22% neonatal mortality rate in Kenya. One year later, your child has grown to be quite healthy and as you begin your hour journey for her checkup, you soon dare to imagine a bright future ahead of her. After the checkup, the physician tells you that your daughter may have lazy eye, and if untreated, has a 50% chance of developing uncorrectable and permanent vision loss. You feel devastated as her bright future quickly disappears before your eyes. But wait, a cure is available! However, progression tracking clinic visits are required 4 times a year until she recovers. While you will suffer from transportation costs, lost wages, and incurred clinical visit costs, you will do this for your child’s future.

What it does

Allows physicians to remotely monitor treatment and progression of amblyopia and strabismus via the patient's smartphone so that patients do not have to make multiple trips to the clinic. Thea reminds the patient when their next app checkup is, what the treatment plan is, performs a checkup of acuity and pupil alignment, calculates acuity and alignment, and reports progress to both the physician and the patient. The physician is able to manage all of their patients through one app and can view time-series data points on each patient as well as individual detailed results.

How we built it

Mockup with xCode

Challenges we ran into

No engineers to actually develop code, but we know that the image processing libraries exist and this is feasible

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Extensive market research, development of a thorough business plan, strategic initiative to target the patient market rather than simply the physician market.

What we learned

We need an engineer to implement solutions. We learned to use a needs-based analysis to address a significant health problem, especially for the developing countries. Limitations of working within the constraints of developing countries and the impact that we can make in developing countries.

What's next for Thea

Collaboration with software engineers to develop a iOS prototype and validation.

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