The World Fashion of the year 1874

The fashion houses of Paris, in that year, were the ones that imposed Fashion on everyone.

Thanks to this artistic work, by J. Donnare and Artois Coudouti, printed by Leroy de Paris, which accompanies this publication, it is possible to find out what the ladies of Guatemala looked like that year.

Here is the description of the creations of Madame Fladry, whose fashion house was located at 43 rue Richer, Paris:

In the image on the left we see a creation that consisted of a petticoat, in black velvet, adorned, in the upper part, with pleated ruffles, marked by a similar bias.

Diagonal summer tunic in light green color, very light, without ornaments.

This tunic, tight in front, rose behind the hips. The bodice rose up and was flat.

It had half-wide sleeves with similar bias and old silver buttons.

Similar coat, adorned with two skirts, forming a short cape in the front, which extends behind, in the form of a mantle.

On each shoulder, behind, was a staple in matching tonal ornaments.

In the image on the right we see a creation of faye foam, which consisted of a petticoat, adorned with a pleated ruffle, topped by a curtain in the same fabric.

In the hollow of this curtain, were the fans of the same fabric.

The creation comprised similar tunics, edged with fringes and raised in pouff.

The similar vest and the open jacket, in the same fabric.

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