Our groups was inspired by "Mavi Kapak" project. This project is about collecting plastic bottle lids and the organizer of the project donates a wheelchair for a certain amount of lids collected. Tons of lids are collected and thousands of people were benefited by this project.

What it does

We decided to develop a platform to connect all the projects like "Mavi Kapak". Organizations can integrate their projects in our platform and in this way people can see all the ongoing projects in the world or in a certain region. The users gain tokens as a result of their participation in the projects, which is provided by the organizations, and then these tokens can be used to donate other charities through the app.

How we built it

We built a mobile app that connects all the philanthropic projects using react-native and nodejs.

Challenges we ran into

Finding out different rewarding scenarios was challenging. In the current system, organizations can implement their own rewarding system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfuly connected all the charity programs and even further promoted others by using a token-based system

What we learned

Mindset of volunteering

What's next for The Volunteer

Increase the reach of the platform and integrating different rewarding systems.

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