Today, doctors & busy execs, like CEOs have too lottle time. I found that Mark Cuban & Gary Vee give out their smartphone number these days & ask people to text them. It makes perfect sense. So, i came up with an idea for my Zappy App.

What it does

1) The app allows two very busy professionals to communicate instantly with minimum of fuss. 2) The app allows the Doctor or Nurse to read Patient ID using NFC Tags, very simply/affordably

How I built it

First, i made PoC with MIT App Inventor on Android smartphone & showed it to my friends to get validation.

Challenges I ran into

Usual bootstrappkng challenges, plus now Coronavirus issues :-)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) Able to work with minimum resources to achieve maximum ROI. 2) assembled great team 3) completed MVP

What I learned

You can do much with smartphone & Internet!

What's next for The smartphone as your email ID


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