We were inspired by the idea of making a video game. We didn't have any particular game in mind going into it, we just all thought that it was cool, and nobody on our team had any experience in game design or with Unity, so we all went on a huge learning spree to try and get as much done as possible.

What it does

You are a cube, and you fight other red cubes, and you run across bridges and jump through rings and there's even a loopdy loop.

How we built it

We watched a ton of tutorials and started coding away. We spend hours all through the night debugging and adding mechanics to our very simple game.

Challenges we ran into

Nobody actually knew the answer to any real problem, google was our only hope

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a decently fun game that a few other people enjoyed and it was a really fun process learning about unity

What we learned

We learned about how to make games, add textures, add game mechanics, creates scenes, and design levels

What's next for The sickest of sick games

Bigger and better games

Built With

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