In seventh grade, my science teacher showed us a video similar to the famous "Powers of ten". I was so fascinated by the idea of comparing vast differences of size that I decided to make my own interactive version. Similar applets already existed on the internet, but none of them covered the full range of sizes or used a continuous, easy-to-use zooming mechanism I wanted to employ. Thus, over the next four-day weekend, my brother and I developed the first few drafts of the Scale of the Universe!

We spent the next few years improving and perfecting our application and adding new features. Although I really enjoy our intuitive slider bar, I am most proud of the translations into 18 different languages. Thanks to online volunteers, the Scale of the Universe can easily be viewed by people from around the world!

Our goals are to inspire wonder in our natural world and teach the true meaning of size measurements. All people should be aware of their place relative to the universe. We are giants compared to the subatomic realm but mere specks of dust from a galactic perspective! Hopefully, the Scale of the Universe can clearly demonstrate this wide range of sizes and open our eyes to the vast array of worlds that cannot be easily seen.

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