Overview 🚀

An idea born in Africa and Inspired by the stories of individuals from different backgrounds, countries and cultures to collude in the most diversified of collaborations to defi all the laws of innovation and technological gravity to produce a world game changer.

What it does?

A web based online shopping mall that provides online store space to businesses with a 360° view for no monthly fee. Businesses will enjoy rent free occupancy in The Qu-Be and enjoy large traffic from online shoppers as they would in a traditional brick and mortar store. The only difference here is there will be no lockdown curfew or social distancing prohibitions and restrictions. Users will be able to shop in Virtual Reality and, in addition to traditional payment methods, users will be able to pay using CryptoCheckout™. The Qu-Be offers its users a waiting room, The Q Lobby, where users will be able to purchase, trade or swap NFT's, order fast food, Watch their favourite Netflix programme, interact with other users on a worldwide video chat room or play their favourite video games before entering The Qu-Be. The Qu-BeXchange is a platform within The Qu-Be built on a blockchain platform that allows users all over the world to swap coins, digital assets, or anything they desire. Welcoming users is our Artificially Intelligent Virtual shopping mall assistant Vanilla with learning abilities to understand the user preferences to give the best possible experience and service.

How We Built It? 🛠

The technologies used are React, Truffle Box, Solidity, Web3.js, Unity and Drizzle. React was used for the website and Unity was used to make the 3D lobby.

Challenges we ran into? 🏔

We had a big vision to accomplish within a small time frame. Due to our small team size along with a strict time frame we had to plan out what was possible to accomplish within a couple of weeks.Our small team size made it more difficult to pursue ambitious goals such as making a 3D virtual reality lobby with multiple sections.

Staying organized and proactive. Since our entire team came from different backgrounds and had contrasting skills, we had to figure out an efficient way to communicate with each other without falling short of our product goals.

Finding a time when all team members could work together and meet was also difficult due to conflicting time zones. We were able to communicate with each other via text messaging, but we had trouble with finding a time when everyone could meet.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of? 🏆

We have succeeded in designing a website showcasing the concept of a virtual shopping centre in the form of a Rubik’s cube in motion.

We managed to design a virtual representation of a lobby exhibiting key features that make our product and the services we offer unique

Our team was joined by a new member with complimentary skills which allowed us to realise our concept

We managed to work out a schedule for online meetings taking the availability of each member into consideration

We have joined a platform to organize, assign tasks and track task completion progress to work more effectively

What We Learned? 💡

In the course of this project we have all had the opportunity to open our minds to new knowledge and develop new skills in order to develop "Qu-be" as we have imagined. Beyond technical skills we have had the opportunity to expand our organizational and collaboration capacity, as we have learned that one of the most important factors to optimally achieve objectives within a team is communication, because when it is effective we can be much more productive and accurate. What's next for The Qu-Be

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