There appears to be a very limited number of collaborations between art and science when compared to the population of people passionate about these fields.

What it does

A virtual platform that brings artists and scientists together using a matching algorithm to initiate conversations and build relationships. Through matched pairings we create the space of shared interest and spark collaborations.

How I built it

We are group of internationals across a plethora of fields who are passionate about arts and sciences. We are excited about the idea of bringing people together to create new relationships and provide a space for collaborations. Through brainstorming sessions and negotiations we mapped out a process flow diagram for a virtual platform to bring artists and scientist together. Through a series of iterations we stream lined the most efficient and aesthetic solution.

Challenges I ran into

coordination, negotiation, graphic design

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we have developed a branding and interface for the platform website

What I learned

What's next for The PLUG

we are looking for web-designers and web-programmer to bring our groundwork into reality, marketing to scientist and artists.

Built With

  • art
  • collaborations
  • science
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