Getting younger generations interested in astronomy while raising awareness about climate change. This website is inspired by our diverse interests consisting of science, art, development, and the desire to work with each other to bring our ideas to life.

What it does

You can choose which level of stellar luminosity you would like to investigate. From there, a habitable zone appears. The habitable zone is the distance from a star where a planet can sustain water. This website was intended to encourage audiences to explore on their own, as there are many interactive components!

How we built it

We used HTML and CSS for the general mainframe of the website while using keyframe to code the rotation of the planets. We used Procreate (iOS app) to hand draw all our images including the planets and characters.

Challenges we ran into

Animating the rotation of the planets, editing background website visualizations, and simplifying our idea down to a feasible task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming our challenges, including hover-based actions to change the characters' expressions. We were able to merge all of our ideas together despite our ideas being very diverse.

What we learned

Half the members have never worked with HTML/CSS before, as well as web development. This is also all our members' first hackathon! We learned how to develop a project in 24 hours while working with languages we hadn't seen before.

What's next for The Planeteers

We will continue as a team to compete in other hackathons together!

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