Finding a parking place is one of the major problems in day to day life (such as at venues, events, city etc.). It leads to fuel wastage, unnecessary pollution, time wastage and also adds to the traffic congestion. Additionally, with increasing cases of vehicles missing from valet parking, people face high risk in vehicle security when using valet parking anywhere. With a strong desire to solve these problems, together with ensuring safety and peace of mind for guests using event/venue valet parking led to this innovative solution.

What it does

For Citizens/Guests/Parking Users

It empowers the users in finding an authorised parking for selected cities, events and venues using the mobile app (available for Android and iOS).

For Venue/Event

The ParkKing offers easy access to current parking availability to manage and direct parking in an easy way.

Parking sites can have manual parking management enabled by The ParkKing App - Manager Mode, which can be used by parking managers to update the parking status. Else in case of automation, one or more The ParkKing Gateways (embedded devices) are deployed at the parking sites. These gateways publish their vehicle detection details in real-time. This enables The ParkKing app (used by users) to always get the up-to-date parking status details for all venues, events and cities.

Secure Valet Parking is a unique feature that empowers venue/event staff to securely check-in and check-out guest vehicle using The ParkKing app with manager access. A beacon/RFID based tag is put in every vehicle and tagged to vehicle key during check-in process, on guest arrival. Together with this, vehicle number is also captured. An OTP is sent through SMS to the guest mobile number once check-in is completed. The same OTP is required to be given by the guest on vehicle handover. The complete valet parking phases are protected through secure handshake.

Further, for venue and event stakeholders, The ParkKing provides data analytics and reporting to derive insights, take intelligent decisions and move on strategically like never before.

How we built it

Here are the main components of The ParkKing Solution:

  1. The ParkKing App (Android and iOS): The ParkKing App for users is available on Google Play and Apple AppStore. It empowers the users in finding authorised parking for cities, events and venues using the mobile app (Android and iOS).
  2. The ParkKing App (Android) - Manager mode: The Manager mode is supported in Android app and is available on Google Play. It empowers to perform manual parking management and valet parking management (check-in and check-out). To achieve secure valet parking, beacon / RFID based tags are put in every vehicle and tagged to vehicle key respectively, during check-in process on guest arrival. Together with this, vehicle number is also captured. An OTP is sent to the recorded guest mobile number once check-in is completed. The same OTP is required to be given by guest on the checkout screen before vehicle handover. This ensures security in all phases of valet parking among various parties involved. User may even be provided link to track his vehicle.
  3. Gateway appliances (embedded device) and app: The gateway appliances have The ParkKing-Gateway Android app. One or more gateways are deployed at the parking sites and used to detect the presence of sensors like beacons / RFID tags, thereby deducing vehicles present there in a configured range in a given site area. They publish their status in real-time at AWS IoT Platform, which gets consumed by The ParkKing backend. This enables The ParkKing app to always get the up-to-date parking status details for all venues, events and cities.
  4. The ParkKing Backend: This contains core business logic. It works closely with AWS IoT Platform to integrate with various parking site gateways (things). We have also created private REST API that can be exposed for parking information integration with any third party app of events/venues.
  5. The ParkKing website: with showcase for smart city, events and venues edition of the product. For any enquiry, you can write to us at

The ParkKing is the product of a technology startup SRS Valutech Systems Pvt. Ltd..

Challenges we ran into

  1. Choosing the most appropriate way among various ways in which parking in/out and safety can be ensured at a parking site
  2. Brainstormed and finalised an optimal approach to track vehicles in venues and events for secured valet parking
  3. Initially faced issues in using Things API of AWS IoT Platform from Android and PHP. Later, a sample helped and we could cope up on the integration challenges smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. The ParkKing app will be updated on Google Play and App Store shortly with features for parking automation and valet parking management.
  2. The ParkKing solution has been successfully used by traffic department Indore (India) in managing ODI cricket match parking and traffic diversions. Interestingly, real-time traffic diversions were made available for users of city through the app, by live co-ordination with traffic control room. The ParkKing is being talked and evaluated for city level too, in conjunction with its smart city edition features.

What we learned

  1. AWS IoT Platform and nuances in handling real-time data update for practical use case of parking management
  2. Parking dynamics and market analysis
  3. Automation of parking workflow to empower hassle-free parking with no manual intervention

What's next for The ParkKing

  1. The ParkKing solution is being talked upon for commercial deployments in certain events/venues that are looking for wow guest experience, security and analytics.
  2. Integration with Amazon Kinesis for handling closed parkings with single entry/exit in better way. There are cases where multiple gateway status may lead to certain status update at parking site level including analytics. Amazon Kinesis would play a vital role in such scenarios.

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