Imagine a world where...

  • You live in a fantasy world with enchanted creatures
  • You can transport to three different kingdoms of sky, land and sea
  • You are able to shape shift into three different types of animals
  • When shapeshifting into these animals you could possess their strengths and skills
  • Using these skills, you can problem solve in different ways


Our game "The Myth of Myphate" was heavily inspired by the new Nintendo games "Super Mario Odyssey" and "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild." We took the open world concept of these two games where you can explore the open worlds, tasks and levels at whichever order you choose. Additionally, we wanted to implement the ability to solve problems creatively.

Using the power of Transform to shapeshift, our two main characters have the ability to transform into either a rabbit, bird or a fish to solve a variety of problems to earn a crystal. As a rabbit, you have the ability to jump high and run fast. Transforming into a fish you are able to breathe underwater and swim fast. As a bird, you can fly to reach high heights. We want users to be able to use these abilities creatively to come to solutions, similarly to Breath of the Wild.

What it does

In this open world multiplayer adventure, you play as Jane and Finch, 2 friends on a quest to stop the Evil Golbert, a goblin who split his soul into 9 parts and scattered them across the kingdom to become invincible. Luckily, your good friend Harmony provides you with a necklace that allows you to shapeshift into three animals, a rabbit, bird and fish. Using their abilities, your quest is to explore the three sub-kingdoms and find the 9 crystals. Using teamwork is important in this game, as you and your partner will need to coordinate, share a few controls and decide which animal is right for the given task.

How we built it

This game is primarily built using Unity 3D Engine and C# programming language using a variety of scripts (29 different C# scripts) and 3D models from the Unity Asset Store. A few of the models were customized using Adobe Fuse and animated using Mixamo. As making 3D models are tough, we wanted to ensure that our environments looked nice through premade assets so we can focus on developing the gameplay. UI elements were created using Canva. Our game was deployed on and embedded on an html page with our domain.

Disclaimer: All environments were provided from the Unity Asset Store.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the complicated nature of our game, we had many bugs that we had to deal with. This included a lot of bugs with animators, player movements and multiplayer controls. One of the hardest mechanics was mapping the animation and controls differently for both player 1 and 2 and each animal since they differ in movement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a beautiful open world 3D Unity Game in a weekend whilst having creativity in gameplay mechanics and story.

What we learned

Expanded our knowledge of the Unity 3D Engine and creating more complex gameplay elements. For Brennen, this was his first experience being a part of a Unity project.

What's next for The Myth of Myphate

We will likely be continuing to develop this concept outside of this hackathon with our startup, Frostack Games!! Stay tuned.

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