🌐 Domain Name: https://magicians-marketplace.tech/

☁️ Inspiration

Magician's have real talent...they fool us into universe defying moves just with their hands. From close-up to big, there are many types of magicians. Unfortunately, there isn't a "magician" job, and many magicians can't pay bills or are homeless because they can't find work. Our app strives to solve this by creating a platform where magicians and employers can meet.

🚧 What It Does

Our application is a place where magicians and employers meet. Magicians can view competitions, jobs, and even meet others all from the site. Magicians have profiles to network with others. Employers can create custom questionnaires when a magician is applying for a job. On top of all this, thanks to Deso, everything is cryptographically secure on the blockchain, and magicians can keep collaborating.

👨🏾‍💻 How We Built It

The frontend used ReactJS. The backend used many different technologies. For the server, we used flask. Database and hosting wise, we used replit. As markdown appeals to more hackers, we implemented a markdown to html engine. Finally, we used Deso in a big way. Even if magic is so fun, it still can’t protect our app from cyber threats, but Deso can. By saving our data and images on their blockchain network, we guarantee ultimate protection to anyone using the application. Deso really helped us build the app. All in call, we used numerous technologies.

👷 Challenges We Ran Into

We faced too many issues to count. Firstly, the CSS on the main app kept crashing. On top of that, our jsx kept causing errors. As it was our first time using firebase, integrating google auth took quite a bit of time, especially configuring "Authorized Domains". On the backend, we had some issues with Deso. As it was our first time using it, finding our publicKey and seedHex was hard. After inspecting and debugging for a long time, we finally fixed everything!

🎉 Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We actually finish the entire application..yay! In all, we learned how to user many different services, including flask,replit,firebase, andDeso`. We are exceptionally proud of the last one, as it helped secure our application and take it to the next level.

📙 What We Learned

Frontend. We learned a lot, especially how to use Deso. We also learned different API routes. Please refer to the sections above for more detailed information ⬆️!

🔜 What's Next For Magician's Marketplace

  • More API Routes
  • Better Options For Organizers
  • Admin Accounts
  • Better CSS
  • Smoother Scrolling

🌎 How Magician's Marketplace Changes The World

Magician's Marketplace changes the world as it helps all magicians around the world. Any magician can find a job or enter a contest, winning a lot of money. Magicians can even network and practice their skills. Our app creates a community where any and every magician can learn and earn!

Avada kedavra your worries!!!

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