The Land Below


PlayBCL: "Holy ****! I want more! Good job developer, this is the sort of game that GearVR is lacking in."
Dazer: "I finished the first quest and I am chilling out under one of your trees waiting for my next quest. I like it and am anxious for more."
Mandy: "饑餓的貪狼藉由此刻與您共食,,嘿嘿 \(^o^)/"
Flying: "Love it. I completed the quest and feel i want more!!"
Karl: "Quite a bit of world you've built! ..I didn't realize I could travel all the places I actually could- Nice work!"


The Land Below is an RPG Adventure Game made from the ground up exclusively for mobile VR platforms. Exploration, questing, combat, dungeons, caves... an exciting new world to experience only in VR!

  • Combat and dungeons coming soon!


  • New VR Questing System
    Alt text

  • Multi-scene design allows interior/exterior areas to be dynamically loaded and unloaded, allowing the game world to be very large and expandable. Here, the player leaves an interior scene and loads into a world scene:
    Alt text


NPC Characters have been updated with lifelike eyes (blinking, looking around, etc) and with lip sync technology, so their mouths will move naturally when speaking.

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The player has a virtual body that interacts naturally with the environment. The Land Below attempts to eliminate discontinuity by providing embodiment through a virtual avatar that aligns with your real body.

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The controls an mechanics of the game are designed to work with all input methods- gaze, cardboard button, Gear VR touchpad, and bluetooth controller support (coming soon). This allows the user to decide how they want to interact with VR and what is most comfortable for them.

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We aim to bring high quality entertainment to mobile VR!
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  • Built with Unity 5.4 Beta, cutting edge VR tech
  • Unity 5.3 compatible
  • Google Cardboard SDK
  • Google Cardboard Spatial Audio SDK
  • Works with Google Cardboard devices
  • Works with Gear VR devices
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