"Have a personal D.C tour guide on your phone! The Great Washington D.C Walking Tour uses your phone's GPS to deploy text and audio information about the historical sites around the National Mall!"

The Great Washington D.C. Walking Tour idea came about when we were trying to think up what kind of app we could create to use as a tool. Our Interactive Media classes tend to focus on gaming, so we figured it would be nice to do something different.

Using Unity3d, we wanted to create a simple interface that does most of the work for end user as our target audience is any visitor to the DC area, but particularly older couples that may have recently purchased smartphones.

The GPS tracking was the hardest part in regards to coding, and it was really great to visist D.C. in person to test the app in an early build. The trip also lent itself to gathering more information about the area and more specific GPS coordinates.

We are very excited about showing this app to the world - we've even put it out for the public to use for free through Google Play! Hopefully we’ll have it on the iOS App Store soon!

Thank you for your consideration!

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