Why do we like it?

The theme for this hackathon was: "A fun witty hack to make us laugh." FunnyAble matches this theme because it allows users to laugh about funny content shared on the website. During the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, laughter is a great way to reduce stress and generally feel better, and the lighthearted blog posts on this site will make users of all ages laugh and have fun.


We wanted to create a collection of blog posts categorized by the age of their author because everyone can be funny, no matter their age! Children laugh and melt our hearts... Adults laugh and brighten their hearts... Senior citizens laugh and enjoy their lives... For all ages, laughter is the best medicine!

Who are the team members?

Sally Jain, Elizabeth Bazhenov, Sonnet Xu, Marthe-Sarah Nkambou Tchunkuo

What does it do?

FunnyAble is a website that collects humorous blog posts and assigns each post to one of three different age groups to cater to different audiences' sense of humor. The aim of FunnyAble is to provide the world with a mental break from the current issues surrounding them, especially if people are suffering emotionally during the pandemic. In addition, FunnyAble provides users with games that can be both fun and stress-relieving. FunnyAble gives users their daily dose of laughter without the toxins of social media, and helps people maintain a positive outlook while society deals with the pandemic. Aside from games, this website strives to present other content that can help users have fun, give them moments of peace, and generally help them feel better.

FunnyAble has three different blog categories, each under their own icons. Each user can access the content after free registration and login to the website. When users click on any of these icons, they are taken to specific blog lists. Each blog post under such blog lists is hidden until the users click on the title of the blog post. There are back buttons and other web features on each blog site. Each blog entry is a source of humorous content, such as funny stories from other users, comments about the content of the website, and games that can be played with other users. Overall, FunnyAble is designed to help users regain their emotional balance and find themselves in a happier place.

Which languages were used?

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Pygame

Challenges we ran into

The biggest issue we always seem to be facing is time. Planning sufficient allotments of time and making sure our schedules align to create the best use of time is a significant obstacle that we sometimes cannot overcome. Coordination of efforts in remote projects such as this must always be a forefront effort, and sometimes we spend too much time working on one aspect of the project while other aspects are delayed. This can lead to losing significant amount of time for testing, implementing additional features, and designing the final aspects of a project.

What we learned

The most important thing we learned is the importance of coordination and scheduling when doing remote projects such as this one. During this current pandemic, it is important to consider how virtual communication can lead to a whole host of issues when trying to coordinate efforts between different team members over the internet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishments that we as a team are most proud of is our ability to deliver this project to the best of our efforts. It has not been easy to coordinate and join our efforts, but we have accomplished this nonetheless. No matter how big or small a project is in the end, individual and team efforts should be considered to be a top priority.

What's next for FunnyAble

After launching the website and seeing how it ranks as a humor site, we want to further develop the blog by adding more content to it. We wanted to invite other creative people to upload their funny posts and have them be paid based on the number of visitors to their posts and clicks on advertisements.

Furthermore, we hope that after launching the website, we can begin working to develop a community for the blog to help the website tailored to certain tastes that can help achieve success. A community of users who visit and comment on the website can help us understand what kind of content and features new and returning users appreciate.

One last feature we are considering is be a board of users who moderate content so that it would be appropriate to the different age groups we would cater to on the website. A thorough content approval process will ensure that FunnyAble can provide high-quality content tailored to each age group.


To summarize, FunnyAble is a blogging website built to help people relax, have fun, and have a laugh to relieve some of their worries during these difficult times. This website provides users with user-created blog posts and content suited to their ages. Users can communicate with each other through blog posts and enjoy content from other humorous blogs without the toxic influences of social media. This project’s mission is to help people reduce the levels of stress they currently have due to this pandemic and to connect with other users while enjoying the content of FunnyAble. Users can create blog posts, share blog posts, and play games with other users through a simple web interface.

This project’s mission to bring more laughter to more people around the world brings benefits beyond lightening the mood of an individual. By helping more and more users, we will be reducing the overall levels of stress in communities throughout the world.


We intended to embed the game Healthcare Heroes into the website. However, due to technical issues, we did not complete the integration, but the game can be found separately in the second GitHub repository.

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