OVERVIEW Long gone are the days of eating alone after just missing a pack of friends, or trying to coordinate a simple dinner around a myriad of busy schedules. The Eating Club App plays off one of Princeton’s most unique social features by making it easier than ever for Princeton students to enjoy the convenience of connecting with friends over a dining hall meal. Whether it’s planned ahead of time or impromptu, the app provides the perfect medium for streamlined information flow with its simple yet convenient features—check the status of your friends who are currently eating, update your own status, or create an event to let others know when you plan on eating. So go ahead, take that study break and let the Eating Club app tell you when and where to catch up with friends with no hassle.

FEATURES • See updated list of friends, which dining hall each is currently eating in or planning to eat in, and how long they will be there • Check-in to a dining hall to let friends know where you are • Create an eating event ahead of time • Add friends with a simple search • Review, accept, or delete friend requests

GITHUB https://github.com/arturf1/EatingClub

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