InspirationMigrating to a data scientist role takes more than having the right mindset and knowing what the different data science tools are. data scientist

It takes a certain kind of skill-set which needs to be both present in your mind and well-presented in your resume.

In this chapter we will look into the specifics of that skill-set and how you can develop it coming from four major backgrounds: programming, statistics or machine learning, data modeling, and studentship.

As a data scientist candidate, you are expected to possess a variety of technical skills. These are the so-called hard skills on the recruiter’s checklist and therefore play a major role in the job-hunting process.

However, it would unwise to try to develop them in the order they are listed as certain subtleties need to be taken into account. Know more about data science from data science online course

Since you are most likely already versed in some of these skills, depending on your current professional status, it would be best to gradually expand your current skill-set so that it ends up including all of the following skills: Data analysis skills

Cleaning data

Creating models

Applying statistics on data

Applying and developing machine learning algorithms

Validating models

Performing data visualization

Programming skills

One or more of the specialized data analysis platforms (R / Matlab / SPSS / SAS)

One or more OOP languages (Python, C++, Java, C#, Perl, etc.)

Other programming skills relevant to the industry (e.g., familiarity with HTML/CSS in the case of the Web industry) Data management skills (particularly for big data)

Hadoop (particularly Hive/HBase, HDFS and MapReduce)



Other data management skills relevant to the company

Business skills

Familiarity with the Waterfall or the Agile frameworks

Understanding of how a company operates

Knowledge of the industry sector

Other business skills relevant to the company and industry

Communication skills (technically a soft skill)

Delivering engaging presentations/storytelling


Listening skills

Being able to translate customer requirements into specific action items

Other communication skills relevant to the company

It is tempting to think that one group of skills is more important than everything else and choose to focus on just that. However, as a data scientist, you’ll need all of them even if you don’t have them in balance.

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