Wanted to create a platform where DAOs can have on chain deals with complex rules and have on-chain reputation of storage providers. Also wanted to provide a proper UX for client and storage provider to make better deals.

What it does

This platform let Data Dao have complex storage deals. It provides proper UX for Filecoin storage providers & clients. DAO can create complex proposal and bounties and the orchestration and aggregation of the deals will be programmatically handled by Smart Contracts.

It helps data dao to create complex bounties including multiple bounties which will ensure data to be stored concurrently for a longer perioud of time by perpetual deals and also on the basis on-chain reputation of providers.

Reputation of storage providers are generated as more bounty deals are completed and on-chain reputation will be generated. This data can be further used by Data DAOs to have restriction on storage deals such that only storage provider with a minimum reputation can do the deal. The data sets of the on-chain reputation of storage provider is also stored on Tableland from smart contracts. So anyone can use the data sets for their platform to further provide better ecosystem for FVM.

A data dao is first to be created. And Owner can assign and unassign proposal and voter role. Owner can also update minimum number of votes required to pass a proposal.

Once dao is created, user with proposal role can create proposals, and once enough votes have been registered, it is supposed to be funded. After funding is done. Client can claim bounties.

Proposer can propose a proposal and voter can vote on proposals.

Schema of Proposal:

  • CID
  • Size of File
  • Bounty Amount
  • Number of bounties
  • Minimum days the storage provider should have store the data before claiming the bounty
  • Maximum number of bounty deals at a time
  • Minimum bounty deals the storage provider should have done before claiming the bounty ( This data will be taken from on-chain reputation generated from our smart contracts )
  • Expiry date and time ( proposal should have enough votes before expiry )

So a Proposal can be created in such a way that at a time only a particular number of deals can be active, so multiple deals can be active at a time which will make sure data is stored by multiple providers and also data will be stored for a much longer period of time as multiple bounties can be assigned to a proposal.

The DAO also stored reputation of each storage provider so a proposal of any data dao can add a condition that only those provider who have done 'x' deals in The DAO can participate in the bounty.

DAO can also create partial proposal, where it upload file to Filecoin after the proposal is passsed and then enable the proposal.

So for partial proposal, file will be uploaded to IFPS using Spheron and after the proposal is accepted, file can be uploaded to Filecoin Network using Lighthouse.

The IPFS URL of the file for partial proposal will be stored of Polybase.

Members of the DAO can also chat on the DAO. The logic chats and access control for the chats are implemented using Polybase.

Reputation of providers are stored on DAO Factory, so all the dao can access that data. Stored here

Contract Address of Dao Factory: DAO FACTORY

Smart Contracts

There are mainly 2 smart contracts:


Spheron is used to upload file for partial proposals to IPFS.

API to upload to file to spheron


Data sets of on-chain reputations of storage providers are stored on tableland

Store Data Using Smart Contract

Data Set


Lighthouse is used to upload file to filecoin network to enable partial proposal.

API to upload file to lighthouse


Polybase is used to have chat system for Data DAOs and file url of partial proposal is stored on polybase.

DAO Collection

Message Collection

Proposal Collection

How we built it

Smart contracts are deployed on Hyperspace testnet, tableland is used to store data sets of reputation of storage providers, Spheron is used to upload file for partial proposal, Lighthouse is used to upload file to filecoin network to enable partial proposal and polybase is used to have chat system for Data DAOs and IPFS file url of partial proposal is stored on polybase

There are mainly 2 smart contracts:

Challenges we ran into

FVM is new and have to learn a lot of stuff.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully created a full-fledged Platform for Data DAO and Programmable Storage Markets.

What we learned

Filecoin, Tableland, Spheron, Lighthouse and Polybase

What's next for The-Dao

Cross chain support

Built With

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