Our Inspiration for this project was the inefficiency of the current method of crime detection. We were also inspired by the gamification of hackers to find lost people with the help of the internet. These hackers took the time out of their lives to find people just for online CTF points which we thought was very interesting and wondered if it can be used in a more beneficial way. link

What it does

The software utilizes face recognition in order to reverse search important information about the person. The software also builds into a virtual data manipulation tool in which the users can easily manage the reverse search tool in order to help them solve crimes.

Headline LINKS BELOW: (These links are either videos of the code or snippets. Please check them out!)

  1. 1st Link: Working part of the code. This code labels the person's face and can find the face within a group.
  2. 2nd Link: Machine Algorithm that solves for the mask and no mask problem essentially ruling them out of the problem equation.
  3. 3rd Link: Second part of the code that labels the face and can find that specific face within a group.
  4. 4th Link: Third part to the code that specializes in dlib face mapping.
  5. 5th Link: The slides we used in the 4 minute presentation.

How we built it

Our main language was python and we focused on the facial detection portion of the concept. We used OpenCV (library of computer vision algorithms), Haar Cascade Classifier, Teachable Machine (Google), Tensor Flow, and HTML.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges with the importing of facial recognition package as well as the various other downloads that had to be pre-installed for the image-recognition program. We also ran into the challenge of having to deal with Windows vs. Mac syntax while programming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

3/3 members first ever hack!

What we learned

Learned a lot about Machine Learning and Image Recognition

What's next for The Crime Detection Software (CDS)

Creating the Virtual Data Manager tool on a website. Strengthening the face-recognition abilities (recognizing faces at angles or covered by other objects). Providing a larger data set for the face-recognition program (All criminals on public record).

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