This is Joob Team consisting of Tong Chen and George Li. We made a simulation game inspired by the Oregon Trail, but we wanted to apply it to COVID and educate on the importance of wearing masks.

What it does

Uses Flask and GCP to host a light python webapp. We use cookies to store input and the user's name. Using a scenario bank that we wrote, it gives a random one out of those scenarios. Either way, if the user survives or loses, they get a COVID fact and a link to more info on the CDC website.

How I built it

We used pair programming on discord. In the beginning, we used Nano or VIM in the Google Cloud Shell. Later on, we used git to work on it in IDLE and Visual Studio on our home computers.

Challenges I ran into

We were very new to web development on Flask using Python. We both had experience in using ASP.NET MVC development, but a lot of our struggles were learning the language and learning how to do things.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the app to host on GCP, getting our Domain Name to work, having the user's name persist throughout the session, randomized scenarios.

What I learned

How deploying your own app on GCP works and a better understanding of Flask. REST api.

What's next for The Covid Trail

We may add more functionality and gameplay such as inventory and currency management, as well as other challenges to the player.

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