The City Portrait

A fundamental question that city planners facing everyday is to know exactly how the city's traffic looks like? Without knowing the traffic flow and pedestrian flow information, it is hard for city planners to make the best use of resources and far-see the impact of possible city planning.
To solve this problem, we build an informative, highly-customizable data visualization website, The City Portrait. The City Portrait used the CityIQ API provided by GE to fetch the data and parse the JSON file to obtain structured traffic and pedestrian information, grouped by assets (sensors) and time stamp during a day.
We allow the city planners to adjust the beginning time and the end time of a day and intuitively check the size of the legends on the map rendered by the leaflet library. We also provide the functionality to switch from traffic data and the pedestrian data. If the user wants, he or she can check the hourly change as well from an independent graph.
In a word, our app allows the city planner to
  1. Visualize the cumulative traffic flow and pedestrian flow collected by all sensors given a time window.
  2. Extract the detailed information of sensors like name and location.
  3. Check hourly data collected by all sensors in a day.
In the future, we plan to provide more accurate information for the traffic direction and offer the ability to obtain real-time data rather than historical ones.
Check the Portrait of SD and be a better planner!

Built With

  • r
  • rstudio
  • shiny
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